People's History, Founding Myths, and the American Revolution


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Teacher’s Guide to People’s History of the American Revolution. A wide variety of material that can be adapted to all grade levels or to adult study groups. (Developed by Ray Raphael)

  • The “review” questions deal with knowledge, comprehension, and application, focusing on “defining detail.” These questions can be used as a study guide.
  • The “historical reasoning and discussion” questions deal with analysis, synthesis, and evaluation. These make use of an inductive approach that encourages discovery and critical thinking.
  • Students can use the “class activities” to explore major themes through simulations and hands-on projects in group settings.
  • “Unit projects” challenge serious students of history and stimulate further inquiry.

Sample lesson plans on the role of plain farmers, common soldiers, African Americans, and Native Americans in the American Revolution. These plans can be used in conjunction with People’s History of the American Revolution or as stand-alones. They can be adapted for use in elementary school, middle school, secondary school, or college. (Developed by Ray Raphael)

Lesson plans for Founding Myths. Practicing teachers enrolled in the “Teaching American History” Master’s of Arts program at Humboldt State University have prepared and tested lesson plans for each of the thirteen chapters in Founding Myths. For each chapter, they have provided a sample lesson plan geared to the fifth, eighth, and eleventh grades, in conformity with both the California and National Standards.

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