People's History, Founding Myths, and the American Revolution


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Lesson plans for Founding Myths

Practicing teachers enrolled in the “Teaching American History” Master’s of Arts program at Humboldt State University have prepared and tested lesson plans for each of the thirteen chapters in Founding Myths. For each chapter, they have provided a sample lesson plan geared to the fifth, eighth, and eleventh grades, in conformity with both the California and National Standards.

Click on a chapter to download lesson plans in PDF.


1. Paul Revere’s Ride

2. Molly Pitcher

3. The Man Who Made a Revolution: Sam Adams

4. The Shot Heard Round the World: Lexington and Concord

5. The Winter at Valley Forge

6. Jefferson’s Declaration of Independence

7. Founding Fathers: The Greatest Generation

8. “Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death”

9. “Do Not Fire ‘till You See the Whites of their Eyes”

10. Patriotic Slaves

11. Brutal British

12. The Final Battle at Yorktown

13. March of the American People


If you need a PDF viewer, Adobe Reader is available for free.

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