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coverTwo Peoples, One Place: Humboldt History, Vol. 1 

by Ray Raphael & Freeman House

Humboldt County Historical Society, 2007

Revised Paperback Edition, 2011

Everywhere in America, at one time or another, two cultures collided, but few points of conflict were as sudden, or as well documented, as in Northwest California at the time of the Gold Rush. In Two Peoples, One Place, co-authored with Freeman House (Totem Salmon), the local story becomes general. From close up, the reader views what happened when Euro-Americans and Native Americans competed for a place they both claimed. Forces were set in motion that shaped the course of human and natural history, down to our own time and beyond.

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“A comprehensive history of a frontier community. … Two Peoples, One Place exemplifies the best of four decades of rich community studies. … While [Raphael’s] focus is Humboldt County, his findings have much wider implications, as well as being a fascinating account for the popular reader.” — San Francisco Chronicle
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“A fascinating and incredibly well-researched account of early life in our community. Everyone who lives here should have a copy of this book. Buy one for you neighbors, one for your kids’ teacher, one for your school library, and stash one in your guest room to satisfy your friends’ curiosity about how this place came to be.” — North Coast Journal of Politics, People, and Art

Two Peoples, One Place could serve as a model for producing outstanding community history.” — Fort Bragg-Mendocino Coast Historical Society

“Raphael and House's history is a feast for the eyes while detailing the making and exploiting of a little-known but important Western region. … This is a wonderful compendium about the interplay of human cultures and natural systems of a very unique bioregion.” — Planet Drum Pulse

“The book your teachers wish was written earlier.” — Econews

“A splendid homage to local people and history. What an opulent gift to the place where you live.” — Malcolm Margolin, Publisher, News from Native California

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