A Tory’s account of the so-called “mob” in Worcester

On February 23, 1775, an anonymous Tory complained to the Massachusetts Provincial Congress of various alleged harassments by “mobs.” On the list of alleged abuses was the forced recantations of court officials on September 6, 1774. This letter was reprinted in New York’s Rivingston’s Gazette, March 9, 1775, seen here. A transcription of the full letter can be viewed at: http://lincoln.lib.niu.edu/cgi-bin/amarch/getdoc.pl?/var/lib/philologic/databases/amarch/.1578

Later reports of the September 6 event appear to be based on this one. See, for instance, Peter Oliver’s account in his Origin & Progress of the American Rebellion, Douglass Adair and John A. Schutz, eds., (Stanford: Stanford University Press, 1961), 153. Whether Oliver wrote both versions or simply copied his from the earlier one is not known.

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