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A Teacher's Voice by Ray Raphael

The Teacher’s Voice: A Sense of Who We Are

Heinneman Educational Books, 1985

“Americans tend to regard teachers either as saints of servants. A new book, ‘The Teacher’s Voice: A Sense of Who We Are,’ lets teachers speak out. … Mr. Raphael asked scores of ordinary teachers simply to talk, ‘out of school,’ as it were. He reproduced representative samples to introduce teachers to ‘those who ought to know more about us: administrators and politicians who regulate our jobs, taxpayers who sign (or don’t sign) our paychecks, and parents who don’t quite understand those “other adults” in the lives of their children.’” — New York Times
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“The sixteen self-portraits, tape-recorded and transcribed by Raphael, are often so frank that several names were changed to protect the future careers of the speakers. It is that very truthfulness that make them good common reading for teacher support groups. Because they are so revelatory, readers (especially those who have worked in schools) will find they can better understand what keeps them coming back despite their constant resolves to leave.” — Public Education Networker

“Ray Raphael, a teacher, has pulled together a book that reaches out and grabs you. In The Teacher’s Voice: A Sense of Who We Are, he lets teachers speak for themselves. … The voices express the self-doubts, the disappointments, the rewards of teaching. They talk about the ‘gradual wearing down’ that happens over time. They speak eloquently, and each one tells a good story. Read it. Pass it on to teachers. Give it to parents and other board members.” — American School Board Journal

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