People's History, Founding Myths, and the American Revolution
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Hamilton: Founding Father

Fall River Press (®Barnes & Noble), 2017

Commissioned by Barnes & Noble and available in their stores and on their website, this succinct new biography captures the complexities and dramas in the life of one our most unusual founding fathers. An orphaned prodigy from the West Indies, Alexander Hamilton made an astounding appearance on the revolutionary scene and later joined with others to fashion a new nation. Based on primary documents that appeared in Hamilton’s own time—not on later interpretations or myths—this work is an authentic portrait of a man and of an era. Flipping the pages, readers will come upon dozens of colorful maps, letters, documents, portraits, and other illustrations that elucidate the text. It’s perfect for history buffs, general readers, and anyone who has seen or will see Lin Manuel Miranda’s remarkable Hamilton.




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