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An Everyday History of Somewhere by Ray Raphael

An Everyday History of Somewhere

Alfred A. Knopf, 1974

Paperback: Island Press (1981) and Real Books (1992 and 2002)

Winner of the Commonwealth Club award for the best book of the year about California

“A beautiful book, beautifully written and organized.” — San Francisco Chronicle
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“Raphael, with his holistic concern for the humble details of the ‘somewhere’ he lives at, expresses an attempt to come into balance, to function integrally in a universe of which we are one small part. I can’t help feeling that in this lies the secret of individual and general salvation.” — San Francisco Magazine

“This is a lovely and loving book, full of care and playfulness.” — Oregon Times

“One of the season’s real charmers … The reader feels generation after generation rise and pass through the voice of one speaker, and pass with all the daily minutiae intact. Animal, vegetable, mineral or fish, it’s real, it’s Life — reader, go thou hither and find your own backyard.” — Kirkus Reviews

“A superb, engrossing reflection of Northern California … In drafting this review, I found myself going on from one sentence I intended to quote, to the next sentence, and on to the next paragraph. Finally, I wanted to mail each of you readers a copy itself. It does not so much need to be reviewed as read.” — American Forests

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